Mark VI Titanium Fishing Rod Holder Track Mount

The MARK VI comes pre-installed with the Track Mount Base allowing you to mount onto your existing track systems.

Mark VI Titanium Rod Holder

The MARK VI Rod Holder is the ultimate expression of beauty combined with a new level of functionality. It offers single handed actuation of 360 degree motion in two axes.

Being constructed entirely out of Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel and carbon fiber filled nylon, the MARK VI is designed to handle the harshest marine environments with ease.

The freedom of 360 degree movement.

This is the only rod holder in the world that allows you to position your rod where you want it with the twist of your wrist.

With a single twist of the wrist, the MARK VI Rod Holder can be unlocked to easily position it anywhere you need it to be.

Another quick twist locks the MARK VI - keeping it firmly in place exactly where you want it to stay.

Capitan Mark provides a quick overview of how the Mark IV rod holder works.

Note this demonstrates the Mark IV, but the Mark VI functions identically.

Additional Features

Corrosion Resistant

Polished 316 stainless steel & titanium construction resists corrosion in marine environments.

Carbon Fiber-Nylon Liner

Carbon fiber-nylon lined to protect your rod from damage while in use.

Over 1000 locking positions

Single handed actuation of 360 degree motion in two axes produces over 1000 locking positions.

28 Position gimbal

Precision machined 28 position indexable gimbal allows radial positioning of rod.

Solid billet titanium gears

6/4 titanium gears are precision 5-axis machined from solid billet titanium.

Allows for more deck room

High rods, low rods, divers or planners

Rated to 80 lb test line

360 Marine has done extensive field testing with 80 lbs test line under the harshest of conditions.

The MARK VI Rod Holder fastens directly to the Track Mount Base.

Track Mount Base

This universal Track Mount Base allows you to quickly and securely install the MARK IV and VI onto your existing track systems.

Being constructed entirely out of 316 stainless steel, the 360 Marine Mounting Base is designed and built to handle any marine environment with ease.

Adapts to multiple track systems.

The Track Mount Base can be used with most common track rail systems such as Traxstech or Big-Jon.

Traxstech track rail width: 3.0"

Big Jon track rail width: 2.5"

360 Marine Track Mount System

Additional Features

Corrosion Resistant

Full 316 stainless steel construction resists corrosion in fresh & saltwater environments.

Adapts to 2 Sizes of Tracks

Rotating allows base to adapt to 2 sizes of tracks, including common systems such as Traxstech or Big-Jon.

Ready To Install

The Track Mount Base comes pre-installed to the rod holder, ready for you to mount onto your existing track systems.

Mark VI Titanium Fishing Rod Holder Track Mount


The MARK VI rod holder comes with the Track Mount Base pre-installed allowing you to mount onto your existing track systems.

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Technical Specifications

MARK VI Rod Holder

Product Weight 9 lbs
Max. Rod Butt Diameter 1.625"
Rod Holder Tube Depth 9"
Rod Butt Gimbal Width 0.210"
Adjustability 360 degrees in each axis
Min. Line Rating 80 lbs
Build Material 316 stainless steel, titanium & carbon fiber filled nylon

Track Mount Base

Product Weight 0.494 lbs
Product Dimensions 3” x 2.5”
Track Compatibility Traxstech, Big Jons, 360 Marine Track System (coming soon)
Material 316 Stainless Steel


What is the difference between the Mark IV and VI Rod Holders?

The Mark VI Rod Holder is built from 316 Stainless Steel and 6/4 Titanium and has been extensively tested with 80 lbs test line. The Mark VI is targeted at seawater environments where corrosion is a major concern. The Mark IV Rod Holder is of the same design as the Mark VI, however it is produced from stainless steel and has been extensively tested with 50 lbs test line.

Where is the best place to mount the Mark IV or VI rod holders?

The Mark IV and VI rod holders are designed to be mounted; in existing gunnel rod holders all along the deck of your boat, on track mount systems that can be mounted on any horizontal or vertical surface such as the gunnel, or on any tubular structure on your boat. We have fitted as many as 40 rod holders onto one fishing boat!

Are the rod holders equipped with the flush mount adapters easily removed from the gunnel rod holders?

YES! The flush mount adapter is secured in place with a clamping mechanism that is activated by a rotating handle. To install or remove it, just tighten or loosen the nut by hand. The 360 Marine Flush Mount Adapter also has slots on the bottom to engage into the rod-pin of most gunnel holders, this further secures the adapter in place.

How do I care for my rod holder?

Although Stainless Steel is highly resistant to saltwater corrosion, it can be damaged by harsh chemical cleaning products. Below is a list of products and chemicals that will weaken and damage your 316 Stainless Steel components:


Chlorsulphonic Acid, Hydrobromic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Hydrofluoailicic Acid,  Muriatic Acid, Sulphuric Acid


Comet, EZ-ON, EZ-OFF Cleaner, Marine Spay Nine, On & Off Cleaner, Rust Stains Away, Soft Scrub


Chlorides, Fluorides, Iodides

If I purchase a rod holder with a track mount base can I change it to a flush mount adapter or bar clamp?

YES! We designed the Mark Series of Rod Holders to be as adaptable to any vessel as possible. All mounting bases, including the flush mount adapter, are removable. Please contact 360 Marine for further information.