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Technology & Manufacturing

Your 360 Marine Inc Products are made to exacting standards that exceed marine industry levels.

The Ultimate In Design, Materials, And Build Quality

All 360 Marine products use the most advanced design tools, materials, and production processes available.

Expert Engineering

Our aerospace engineering design team has an unsurpassed level of expertise in metallurgy, mechanical design and CAE.

Premium Materials

All of our products are crafted from the highest grades titanium, 316 stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

Precision Manufacturing

From seven axis lathes to 5 axis milling machines, our products are produced on the finest CNC machines in the world.

Corrosion Resistant

Our proprietary passivation process ensures every product we produce has optimal corrosion resistance in both sea water and fresh water.

Assembled in USA

All of our products are designed, tested and assembled in the USA from the finest components sourced around the globe.

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